Easter Vigil 2016

Photographs from our Easter Vigil and First Mass of Easter, which started at 06:20am!

There are 15 photos for this gallery.
The Service Of Light. In the name of the Father.... The Paschal Candle
Then the Easter candle is then blessed with the sign of the cross being inscribed on it; then five grains of incense are inserted. The priest then lights the candle from the new fire saying: The light of Christ.
The Easter candle is placed in its stand The Renewal Of Baptismal Promises Water Of Life,cleanse and refresh us. Raise us to life in Christ Jesus
The sun shining through the east window, casting and image on the west wall! The east window! The sun shining through
Fr Ian after Mass - hoping that he'll get a breakfast this year before he has to go to St. Mary Magdelenes! The breakfast - and Fr Ian's empty plate! More of the breakfast....